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Our approach is one of partnering. We take time to get to know you and your business. We challenge you to think deeply and innovatively about your needs and to collaborate with us in designing a learning solution that will have enduring impact at both the individual and organizational levels.
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Study shows there is a definite ROI in Executive Education

Ronald Burt, Hobart W. Williams Professor of Sociology and StrategyOur fact and data-based approach is available to help you to authoritatively demonstrate the impact of your program. We seek to look beyond immediate program evaluations and demonstrate how your investment in a Booth custom learning solution helps drive your success. Consider the Return on Investment research Chicago Booth Professor Ron Burt conducted to assess program impact of a custom learning solution for Raytheon Corporation. Professor Burt conducted this study with Don Ronchi, former chief learning officer at Raytheon Company, and their results were made available to the public in a research paper titled “Teaching Executives to See Social Capital.”*

The Results: In Brief
  • Graduates of the program are 36% to 42% more likely to receive top performance evaluations.
  • Program participants are 43% to 72% more likely to be promoted.
  • Program graduates are 42% to 74% more likely to be retained by Raytheon.
  • Two years after completing the program, program graduates who had been categorized as “active” participants had 43% higher odds of promotion. The program has substantial positive effects for the participants and the company.

The two examined the ROI for the Business Leadership Program, a Chicago Booth Executive Education custom learning solution grounded in principles of social capital, and how to leverage it for creating and delivering value. Their findings are of keen interest not only for CEOs, senior HR executives, and chief teaching officers, but also business heads directly responsible for the P&L in their divisions.

The Raytheon Business Leadership Program was undertaken using the most popular framework for guiding evaluations. The framework includes:
  • Reaction: Did the participants like the program?
  • Learning: Did participants change their attitude, knowledge, or skills?
  • Transfer: Did participants change their behavior?
  • Results: Did participants become more productive?
The results of the program included
  • Higher performance evaluations
  • More likely promotion
  • Improved retention

* Their research was published in the Journal of Social Science Research, 2007.

The Chicago Approach to Custom Program Design
Develop Your Custom Learning Solution
When you work with Chicago Booth to create a custom learning solution, you benefit from more than 100 years of experience in educating business leaders, as well as from the innovative research of our faculty. When working with you to create a custom program, we integrate our knowledge and experience with yours to create what you need to move ahead: high-impact, results-driven learning.

Human Capital: The sum of the knowledge, attitudes, and competencies of people in an organization
Social Capital: The value of managers' relationships within and beyond a firm
Organizational Capital: The extent to which leadership mobilizes knowledge and creative energy to achieve goals

Chicago Booth faculty develop and advance the theories that underlie business—and relate them to your organization with powerful results. Our multifaceted approach to addressing your company’s needs is based on a fundamental concept developed by Chicago faculty: The success of an enterprise requires effective use of human capital and social capital. Chicago Booth Professor Gary Becker received the Nobel Prize for his work on human capital, while Booth Professor Ron Burt pioneered the concept of social capital. Our custom learning initiatives help your team understand both assets and leverage them to maximize your organizational capital, putting you on the path to long-term, impactful success.
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Collaborating to Create Lasting Value
You and your company bring to this partnership domain knowledge—the knowledge of your particular firm and industry.

Chicago Booth adds value with conceptual knowledge—the business concepts and proven framework for analyzing business problems taught by our faculty.

This combined knowledge leads to the components that set Chicago Booth apart from all other business educators and maximizes the partnership’s value for your company: action skills and insight. Action skills enable individuals to set goals, convince others of their value, and see them through implementation. Insight is the ability to gain greater value from the interpretation of results and experience.

The outcome is a new approach to problem solving.

At Chicago Booth, your executives learn the value of constructive questioning and a willingness to alter beliefs in the light of new data, to recognize the importance of multiple viewpoints, to take calculated risks, and to ultimately deliver effective performance.

Your executives leave our programs knowing how to evaluate potential actions and interpret the outcome of those actions—to go beyond the action learning of the program and continue to draw lessons from new experiences.

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Your company has what it takes and knows where it wants to be: at the top. And we can help get you there.
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