Executive Program for Emerging Leaders
The Chicago Booth Executive Program for Emerging Leaders (EPEL) is designed for University of Chicago administrators with high potential. It will deliver new approaches to leadership development, build and develop high-performance teams, manage cross-functional and cross-organizational relationships, and craft strategy. This program will benefit administrators responsible for improving the performance of their organizational unit, as well as contributing to the University of Chicago's broader strategic goals.

The program content goes beyond training in the administrative operations of the University. Through small group discussions and highly interactive faculty presentations, EPEL teaches participants to think beyond their own organizational unit and incorporate broader strategic considerations into their management decisions and style.

EPEL is delivered in a convenient format that minimizes disruptions to daily operations. Classes convene on Fridays for a total of 10 class days over five months.

The content is based on the University of Chicago Booth School of Business' general management and leadership programs. It features highlights from our best programs taught by our own thought-provoking faculty. This program also offers specific content sessions led by officers, vice presidents, and deans focusing on critical challenges and opportunities at the University of Chicago.
Executive Program for Emerging Leaders Themes
Theme 1:
Strategy and Decision Making
  • University of Chicago Strategy and Vision
  • Strategy for Growth
  • Decision Making and Negotiation
Theme 2:
Strategic Leadership
  • Social Capital: Collaborating Across the University
  • High Performance Teams
  • Personal Leadership Agility
  • Influence and Leading Change
Theme 3:
Managerial ‘Business’ Acumen
  • Strategic Marketing
  • Topics in Finance
  • Managerial Accounting

During this seminar, you will learn to:

  • Identify the characteristics of strategic leadership in higher education.
  • Be better able to identify initiatives that create value.
  • Analyze financial data and understand how funds are allocated.
  • Understand how and when to build a strong team.
  • Develop a strategic action plan for delivering value.
  • Build social capital and leverage networks and the informal organization.
  • Recognize and rise above organization boundaries.
  • Manage across organizational boundaries.
  • Engage others to implement important initiatives or change.
Who Should Attend
The program is designed for University of Chicago staff members who may or may not have managerial experience but have demonstrated the potential to assume mid- to senior-level leadership positions in the future.
Executive Program for Emerging Leaders Outline
Day 1

The University of Chicago Strategy

  • Program welcome and introductions
  • Leadership Perspectives: Purpose Driven and Purpose Finding Approaches
  • Introduction: Virtual Visits
  • Your professional and personal goals for the program, and work plan
Day 2

Systems Thinking

  • Framework for systems thinking
  • Decision making from a systems perspective
The Power of Strategy

  • Alternative strategies for growth
  • The limits of strategy
  • Leadership’s role in strategy implementation
  • Identifying necessary capabilities for implementation
Day 3

Social Capital: Collaborating Across the University

  • How social networks create competitive advantage
  • Benefit from advantage depends on behavior and reputation
  • The social origins of your reputation & career implications
Day 4

Your Personal Leadership Brand

  • What is Your Leadership Brand and how is it perceived?
  • The value of authentic leadership
  • How do you maximize your natural talents?
  • How might your strengths be misunderstood, underutilized?
  • What are you doing to enhance your brand?
  • What are you doing that detracts from your brand and how to do less of it?
  • The gap between the perception of your personal leadership brand
  • The reality of who you are, what you stand for and how you are communicating
Day 5

Personal Leadership Agility

  • Understand how I am currently playing in my leadership role?
  • Identify how to set the stage to be more effective- what characters need to be center stage?
  • Seeing how others respond and how to influence their response
  • Adapting and growing in a new role with broader responsibilities
  • Career transitions for myself and for others
Day 6

Finance and Accounting

  • Reading and understanding financial statements
  • The three statements-income statement, balance sheet and statement of cash flows
Working in Teams
  • Common obstacles to effective team work
  • Improving group decision making
Day 7

Effective Decision Making

  • Frameworks for decision making under uncertainty
  • Understanding which decisions need to be made
  • Knowing what is a good decision
  • Identifying common decision traps
Collaborative Decision Making
  • Identifying interests
  • Finding opportunities for joint gains (win/wins) rather than zero-sum outcomes
  • Approaches to group decisions
Day 8

Strategic Marketing

  • Introduction to marketing
  • Forming and evaluating marketing strategies
  • Analysis of customers and competitors
  • Service positioning
  • Assessment of pricing and other tactics
  • Building and maintaining strong brands
Day 9

Finance and Accounting

  • Revenue recognition and expense matching
  • Sources of financing
  • Ratio analysis
Workshop on Communicating Effectively in Organizations
  • Influencing organizational behavior and success through communications
  • Elements of a sound communication plan
  • Case study to put principles into action
Day 10

Influence and Managing Change: Experiential Challenge

  • Leading large scale change efforts
  • Understanding and managing multiple stakeholders
  • Confronting resistance to change
  • Reading the organization for effective leadership
  • Working with peers to lead a change effort
  • Framework for leading change
Executive Program for Emerging Leaders Faculty

Harry Davis
Harry Davis, Roger L. and Rachel M. Goetz Distinguished Service Professor of Creative Management, Chicago BoothHarry Davis teaches MBA and Executive Education courses at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business, where he has been on the faculty since 1963. His teaching and research interests lie in the areas of strategy, leadership, creativity, and innovation.
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August 14 - December 11, 2015

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August 14-December 11, 2015

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  • The benefits of the EPEL program emerge on many different levels. First, you have the academic rigor of attending ten Chicago Booth Executive Education sessions and working through the associated case studies and group exercises. Second, it is a very unique opportunity to gain a greater appreciation for the University as a whole and expand your perspective about the University beyond your division or area of responsibility. Finally, the opportunity to connect with and get to know other peers / leaders from around the University really built a sense of professional community that I did not have outside of my division before attending the program.
    — K.C. Goodell, Senior Executive Administrator, Departments of Neurology & Psychiatry and Behavioral Neuroscience, The University of Chicago Medical Center
  • I found the Executive Program for Emerging Leaders to be tremendously valuable. The course covered a range of topics – from communications planning to creating value in negotiations to evaluating social capital to managing personal and organizational brands-and I gained new awareness and learned tools for effective leadership in all of these areas and more. What made this program outstanding for me was the participation of University leadership. It was wonderful to hear the thoughts of the provost and vice presidents on the attributes of successful leaders, and to learn about the initiatives, priorities, and values of the University in their own words. EPEL is not a course that prescribes a certain way of thinking. Instead it gave me frameworks for thinking, and provided plenty of fuel for an ongoing examination on the topic of leadership. As well, I met many smart and talented staff from across the University, and I look forward to staying connected with them and growing together in our careers.
    — Stacey Shintani, Manager of Strategic Web Communications, IT Services / Web Services, The University of Chicago
  • Embarking on the EPEL journey has impacted me, both professionally and personally, more than I could have imagined. The opportunity to develop skills in strategic thinking, leadership, and decision-making has inspired me to approach my work with refined clarity and purpose. Perhaps the best and most surprising outcome of the program was building relationships with University-wide peers whose perspectives and experiences strengthened my understanding of and commitment to the University of Chicago mission.
    — Brooke Noonan, Director, Graduate Student Affairs, The University of Chicago
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